About Us

Welcome to Bit-Host Technologies

Bit-Host’s endeavors  to become a leader in providing business solutions “with its niche products and services” to the businesses across East Africa and worldwide.

Since its incorporation, Bit-Host has become pioneer in providing Business Solutions and Services to various organizations in East Africa. Our organization has provided services to various small and big organizations across the region.

Core Businesses:

Value Added Technology Solutions:

Technology underpins every decision organizations make, from the markets they enter to the systems they deploy to the skills they require of their people. Every day, through its cutting edge technology service solutions, Bit-Host delivers new technology-based business solutions to its clients, leveraging the capabilities of its technology services tools, and the deep technical skills of its people.


Companies are looking for more than “advice.” In addition to solid advice, they need total solutions. That’s why Bit-Host has developed a comprehensive approach to consulting that moves clients forward at every level of their business, from high-level strategic planning to improved customer service to day-to-day operations. Bit-Host delivers consulting services with its niche products and services coupled with the team of talented people on board. Whether client needs involve a employee performance review tool or a massive turnkey software development solution, Bit-Host is able to provide consulting services to deliver the result.


Whether it is through a conventional outsourcing model-delivering long-term value through the management and operations of entire information technology departments, or through netsourcing the new economy’s Internet-based subscription model. For outsourcing, Bit-Host focuses on bringing both business and technology skills to deliver life cycle solutions and bottom-line results to organizations. Bit-Host offers outsourcing services in the areas of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Software and UI/Graphics design/development services, Build Operate Transfer services, Incubation services. Bit-Host has the infrastructure and ability to align and provide high quality yet economical solutions through its global operations capabilities.