Business Services/Solutions

Helping you meet business critical challenges

At Bit-Host Technologies we’re proud that we work with a diverse range of customers working in the hospitality, entertainment, marketing, property and IT sectors. And each face common challenges that demand immediate action.

Boards want better productivity through remote and flexible working. They are eager to keep up (and ahead) of an ever changing regulatory framework (especially in areas like storage and the audit of data), whilst improving communications (and cutting costs) through IP voice convergence. And then, of course, there are issues such as reducing your carbon footprint by cutting back on office space and business travel. Add business continuity and security issues that come with opening up your network to all your people wherever they are… and it’s hard to know where to begin.

Bit-Host Technologies can help. Not only because we’re renowned for our cutting edge technology which spans across East Africa and delivers business communications and networked ICT services for over 2,000 major enterprises across the continent, but also because our award winning customer service is augmented by expert consultants, modular and managed solutions, and advice on how you can get the most from your investment as you implement the right solutions for your business.